Specializing in corporate events, conferences, tradeshows and consulting for non-profits.

It’s all about “High Touch” in a high tech world.

With email, voice mail and cell phones we’re in constant communication. But the more time we spend isolated at our computers or on the phone...the further away we’re getting from building those special relationships that have historically been at the core of successful businesses and communities.

A well-planned event at a tradeshow, a party to acknowledge your customers, a team-building challenge, a leadership conference or a fundraiser for a special cause can bring people together to work toward common goals, while giving them a chance to really get to know one another. Not only can this give you an opportunity to reinforce your brand, but it can result in more business, increased referrals, improved teamwork among your employees, and some lifelong friendships.

Our team makes these purpose-driven events happen.Gear Up



System on Chip Conference
Boulders Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona








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