Bring the right people together and you can move mountains

High Performance Computing Horizons Conference     
Hyatt Grand Champions Hotel, Indian Wells, CA.     
Craig Venter, keynote speaker

venueIt's amazing what can happen when you bring those who have something to say together with those who want to hear it. Day-to-day interruptions go away. Cell phones and computers get turned off. People take a deep breath and totally focus on big picture issues that can totally change the way they work. Seeds of new ideas are planted. Companies find different directions to pursue. Lifelong friendships are formed. All because of the desire that all of us still have to sit and talk with one another face-to-face.

Our job is to facilitate a place and create an atmosphere that simply allows all of this to happen.

Let us work with you to select a venue, find the speakers and plan the schedule to fit you goals. Once everything and everyone is in place, the rest will take care of itself.

"From finding the perfect venue in Indian Wells, to handling every detail with the hotel so that our conference could proceed seamlessly, Bonnie worked nonstop to make sure each attendee enjoyed the three days they spent with us. Her insistence that every meal be held in a different spectacular outdoor setting got us all out of meeting rooms and into an environment that maximized our opportunity to do serious networking…the main purpose that brought all of these folks together. She truly made this event happen."

Debra Goldfarb, CEO, Tabor Communications, Inc.

“I had the pleasure of working with Bonnie on a recent conference and in a short time, I knew that our working relationship was going to be a true partnership. She is very detail oriented, passionate about what she does and fully understands the complexity of the hotel and corporate world. She carefully designed each program to meet the organization's goals, within the budget and within our venue. She is relentless in making all aspects of the event happen without a hitch. I feel lucky to have worked with her and hope we’ll have more opportunities to work together in the future.”

Rosana Winarto, CMP, Hyatt Grand Champions Resort, Villas & Spa, Indian Wells, CA.














"We’d worked with Bonnie on a smaller tour in the past (which had come
together brilliantly), but I have to admit to being nervous when the Glass
Art Society lost their original event planner and had to call Bonnie in at
the last minute to pick up all the scattered pieces for a conference that
was ten times the size of what I’d ever worked on.

"'Brilliant' is inadequate to describe how she jumped in mid-stream and
pulled back together a mountain of details, exuberant artists and
(literally) fiery locales. If I ever have to go to war, I want Bonnie
covering my rear!"

Lani McGregor
Partner, Bullseye Glass Co.
Co-chair, 2008 GAS Conference


"As volunteer coordinator for the Portland GAS Conference 2008, I watched Bonnie keep about a million balls in the air without ever dropping one. She corralled nearly 2000 people spread out over multiple venues during a week filled with challenges and made sure that they all enjoyed themselves. I'd hire her for my event in a minute."

Cynthia Morgan
Portland, OR