A strategic way to put your company on the map.

Are you planning a grand opening or getting ready to roll out a new product? Are you breaking ground or topping out a new condominium tower or corporate center? Is your company reaching a major anniversary milestone? Don’t miss the opportunity to create an event, or series of events, that can build on your brand and significantly impact your bottom line. Too often, people think of these events only in terms of “a party”. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating, but events cost money. You need to focus on the communication of key messages, and you want to know the right people are going to be there. You should look at each event as another company stepping stone. We’ve done product launches for start up companies and Fortune 500 corporations. We’ve helped major developers get projects out of the ground. We've done conferences that drew people from around the world. And we’ve planned 100th anniversary parties. When you combine our years of marketing experience with your need for a special event, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to measure the results…long after the party is over.

Cooking class team-building event for Coast Hotels Management team:

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