Anyone can throw a party. We stage memorable events that exceed your goals.

It's been proven many times that special events, from simple cocktail parties, to spectacular theme parties can go a long way toward capturing and retaining mind share. Most companies don't have a problem putting together a cocktail reception or banquet. However, going for something bigger is often beyond the capabilities of the staff. That's where we can help. When it comes to spectacular events, there are only three things to remember!

• Think Big
• Anticipate Problems
• There's No Substitute for Experience

Analysts Summit sponsored by Intel, Timberline Lodge, Oregon                        

How big is Big???Intel

We thought taking over an entire shopping center for a health fair was big. Taking over Las Vegas to introduce Windows for Microsoft was even bigger. We pulled out all the stops for this one…a 16-page insert in the publication of every airline servicing Las Vegas, banners at the airport, posters in all the cabs, billboards, bus cards on all the city buses, a promotional packet in the room of every registered guest, complete control of the current issue of the Las Vegas Entertainment Guide, and custom cocktail napkins delivered with each drink in every major hotel on the strip. The creative part was
having everyone in the "city that doesn't sleep" lay their head on a custom silk-screened pillow when they finally found their hotel bed! What a way to make an impact in the middle of Comdex, a trade show that attracted 180,000 attendees!

What could possibly go wrong?

No matter how well you plan every detail, you have to remember that events are happening in real time.  There’s nothing to edit. No mulligans.  A good events planner is thinking ahead, anticipating every moment. And prepared to save the day at every second.

Imagine having 30 buses waiting to take 1000 guests to your event, and nearly everyone decides to drive...arriving with no place to park. Solution: Thinking ahead with a contingency plan and putting a parking lot on hold. Better than trying to make that happen at 6 p.m. in L. A.

Or picture 50,000 apples stored in a metal warehouse ready for a promotion and the temperature unseasonably jumps to over 90 degrees...creating the potential for a whole lot of applesauce.  Solution: Convincing United Grocers to make room for us in their cold storage facility…on a Saturday.

You get the picture. Our thorough contingency planning (and the fact that nothing throws us) allowed us to successfully recover from these potential problems and many others.  We work with our clients in advance to anticipate every possible show stopper...and make plans to see that the show always goes on.  And carry it off in a manner that makes it invisible to every guest.

Why is experience so important?

We've already made the contacts. We have the inside scoop on every possible place there is to host an event, we know what works and what doesn't, and we know how to deliver an event your guests will remember...within your budget.  And with your goals in mind.

We like to color outside the lines.
These are just a few examples of some of our more memorable events.

Conferences that bring the world's experts together.

Arts Alliance benefit dinner and auction            
         Bullseye Glass Factory, Portland, Oregon            


Planning an event for 1800 glass artists from 35 countries that took over every major downtown Portland venue was fun. So was setting 120 supercomputer executives down in front of Craig Venter, who unraveled the human genome.

Yachts and Yacht Clubs. Imagine a party for 1,000 at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, complete with a 25' sailboat and custom made sails in the club's swimming pool introducing the company's new product. Top off the evening with cruises aboard two 75' yachts.

Parties in Private Mansions. How about a party for 25 selected dealers in an ante-bellum mansion in Atlanta...complete with strolling violinists and a pool filled with floating candles and water lilies?  Or a fabulous reception at the Flood Mansion in San Francicso?

Play Ball! Try this for introducing a new process that has given your company "major league" status. We put the employees in baseball uniforms, lined the parking lot with bleachers for a softball game and music, and served hot dogs, popcorn and beer. The client hit a  "home run" on a very small budget.

Get healthy. Think about a health fair that takes over all of the public space on two levels of a major Portland area shopping center...promoted by delivering 50,000 fresh apples door-to-door?

How about dropping  a sit-down dinner party into the middle of a glass factory? Picture a formal dinner setting surrounded by stacks of wooden crates full of glass, and having your dinner prepared in a 50 foot long annealing oven.  Highlight of the evening? An auction of incredible art glass by world famous Dale Chihuly and dozens of other artists.  This spectacular Portland fundraiser raised nearly twice the goal, with money going to scholarships for glass art students.

See what else can happen when we put over thirty years of experience to work for you!


“I have worked with Bonnie Gilchrist on numerous events over the past 18
years. Bonnie has never failed to amaze us with the creativity, exceptional
quality and high level of professionalism she brings to every project.
Working with Bonnie and her team is an absolute pleasure. I've worked with
other meeting planning companies, event planners, and creative firms over
the years, and have never found anyone as trustworthy and forward thinking
as Bonnie Gilchrist. When we turn over an event to her and her team, we
place complete confidence in them and I trust her judgment completely. It's
a great feeling when we are responsible for planning and organizing customer
events knowing that she is on the team, and furthermore, we always receive
unsolicited compliments from our clients when her firm is involved.”

Mike Bernhardt
TeamLibra, Portland