You’re in good hands.

Look no further. Bonnie Gilchrist Events can handle every aspect of your event from pre-planning, promotion, registration, and onsite management to the post-event wrap-up and ongoing strategy.

Before the big day.

Development of the marketing strategy. How will the event provide continuity with your branding?

Venue or tradeshow selection. If it’s a corporate function, what’s the appropriate venue? We’ll explore every nook and cranny until we uncover the perfect location even if it means traveling to the ends of the earth. Being the control freaks that we are, you can rest assured that we will have explored every possible venue, inside and out. We'll help guide you in the final decision and handle all of the negotiations; with the goal of getting you the best possible price. The same thing holds for tradeshows. Which ones make sense for you? We’ll help guide you in the decision.

Creative direction, design, promotion and production. What theme will we build the event around? What will the invitations look like? Who will get them? How will you promote the event through the media? Will you need an event-specific web site? If you're participating in a tradeshow, how will you generate leads?

Sponsor solicitation. Where appropriate, we're able to help you find sponsors to underwrite the cost of
your event.

On with the show!

Catering. When people attend an event they expect outstanding food that is creatively presented. We work with a number of exceptional independent caterers as well as the catering departments of some of the world's finest resorts, and none of them ever fail to amaze us with their presentations. We also work directly with wine makers, breweries and liquor companies to provide beverages that bring a unique twist to your event.

Rentals, Décor and Staging. We have the ability to find absolutely anything. And if we can’t rent it, we can certainly find someone to build it! So, know that your guests can expect the unexpected. Or, that tradeshow attendees will find plenty of reasons to visit your booth.

Auctioneers, MCs. We’ve worked with some of the country’s finest, and can assist you in finding just the right people to keep the event flowing…whether it’s a cabaret or a live marketing presentation at a tradeshow.

Speakers and Entertainers. We have connections to some of the best. Never doubt for a moment that your guests will have a memorable experience.

We've gone green. We make sure that your conference is an environmentally friendly event.

After the guests have gone.

Who attended, who didn't, and why? More often than not this is the most important facet of the entire event. After all, anyone can throw a party; what happens afterward is the real payoff. We'll assist you in developing a strategy for following up with each guest or lead. Every event should be viewed as an investment. We make certain your dollars work for you in every way possible.