Some of the toughest work you’ll ever do.

trade showsWhy? Because they are the most complicated form of marketing there is. Every tradeshow is different. Most corporations exhibit for wrong and or unrealistic reasons, and they don’t know how to measure the results. Most staffers don’t know why they are there or what to do. A lot of money gets spent on the wrong things. And many leads are totally ignored. All because nobody taught the staff how to really work a show.

We’ve helped our clients with every aspect of tradeshow marketing, from building the budget and picking the right shows to attend, to designing the booth, managing the logistics, coaching the staff, and putting together a plan for managing the qualified leads that will result from a well-planned trade show strategy. We’ve even been asked to work the booth with our client. Talk about practicing what you preach!



Unix Open promotion for Intel

"As the new guy on board, I had six weeks to standardize on a theme, design
and field a new 20 foot booth, create collateral for two new launch
products, design and build two custom interactive audio kiosks, script and
record professional audio narration, coordinate with the media and arrange
the logistics for a major show being held on the other side of the country.
Gilchrist and crew took the challenge, and hit every schedule mile-stone on
time. We had a first class presentation in everything that they touched."

Chuck Crompton, Marketing Director, Portland, Oregon



EAA AirVenture
The world's greatest aviation celebration.
Client: Lightspeed Aviation